Behind the Microphone - (What’s On)
11th May 2019

Working in radio is seen as exciting, creative and ‘sexy.’  But what’s the truth behind the public perception?

Greg Powles and Jason Reynolds have both presented breakfast shows on commercial radio, they’ve both worked for the BBC and they’ve both managed to combine their loves of broadcasting and sport. They have been in the privileged position of doing a job that most people would give up a limb for. But what do you do when your ‘dream job’ becomes a living nightmare?

One of them had a midlife crisis and toured around Europe; the other had a breakdown and hid away with his family.

Both are starting afresh….

Hear them discuss, in an honest and hilarious manner, their shared loved of Norfolk, their countless battles with incompetent management, and their best (and worst) celebrity encounters in this forthright, frank and funny evening.

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Saturday 11th May 7.30pm Buy Tickets

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