7th August 2020

We’re excited to announce a very special movie treat exclusively for followers of Sheringham Little Theatre!

Thanks to The Arts Channel, two acclaimed recent films will be made available to SLT supporters absolutely free.  In Love with Alma Cogan and ChickLit are a pair of delightful romantic comedies brimming with local interest.  Usually accessed via The Arts Channel’s annual subscription, all you need to do is visit The Arts Channel using this link and follow the instructions.

You’ll then have exclusive access to both films to watch at your leisure – and as often as you like!  And there’s plenty of time as the films will be available to you until 31st December 2020.

It would be lovely if you can play a part in keeping our theatre alive by making a donation to the SLT fund – we’d be enormously grateful.  But should that not be possible, of course you’re most welcome just to sit back and enjoy them.

Filmed in Cromer, In Love with Alma Cogan is a wistful romantic comedy set in an East Coast seaside resort.  Starring our much missed SLT friend Roger Lloyd-Pack in a moving performance as the melancholy manager of an end-of-the-pier theatre.  Still holding a torch for the singer Alma Cogan, who appeared there many years ago, he’s forced to face the music of his past when the local council threatens to put the theatre in the hands of a commercial management company. It’s a tender, mature tale featuring a strong cast including Niamh Cusack, Gwyneth Strong, Keith Barron – and John Hurt in a lovely cameo and seriously snazzy jacket!

ChickLit is also full of familiar locations in and around Holt. How do four guys save the pub they love when it’s in danger of closing down?  Write a steamy novel of course!  But they get into hot water when the publisher insists a young female ‘author’ does the press and publicity.  Cue a sister-in-law who’s also a struggling actress, happy to pose as the writer.  But then she’s cast as the lead in the film version of ‘her’ book and life gets more complicated… There are delightful performances from a cracking cast including Dakota Blue Richards, Christian McKay, David Troughton, Miles Jupp and Caroline Catz plus Eileen Atkins and John Hurt with a quite magnificent moustache!

Huge thanks to Tony Britten, who directed both these fantastic films and is the founder of The Arts Channel. And also to Anwen, Lady Hurt, who produced the films and made this possible for Little Theatre followers.

The Arts Channel is a rich resource of ‘Arts Curated for the Curious’. It’s a joyous leap beyond the mainstream, delivering music, dance, art, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature, documentary, film and performance from across the world to your screens at home.


In Love with Alma Cogan