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Wed, 19 April @ 7:30pm


Eastern Angles

Sheringham Little Theatre

Heaven is empty and Hell is full – what is God to do? Lower the bar?

The answer comes in The Trials of Mary & Joseph, a series of mystery plays telling the Nativity story – but not as you know it. The search for an Immaculate Conception hits a doubting husband, local opposition and scandal, and some sceptical midwives, until some starry-eyed shepherds gets this well-known story back on track.

Plus Mankind, England’s most popular comedy of the 90’s (that’s the 1490’s) retold as a boisterous story of a climate conscious young man caught between the temptations of three mischievous devils and the need to be a good person.

“East Anglia was the Broadway or West End of the 15th Century English theatre” once said a stage historian. With live music, comic twists and a sense of the ridiculous Eastern Angles bring two of its biggest hits right up to date.