February 22, 2023

Sole-searching comedy is a family affair

Comedy and “girl power” are laced together in a classic comedy set among Victorian cobblers coming to Sheringham Little Theatre in March.

Hobson’s Choice revolves around tyrannical and hard-drinking bootmaker Henry Hobson and this three daughters, whose futures and marriages he has mapped out in his own mind.

But elder daughter Maggie, whom he considers too old to marry and destined to stay at home to look after him, has other ideas. She plans to wed her dad’s best boot-hand Willie Mossop, which turns the tables on Hobson and leads to him facing two equally painful “Hobson’s choices.”

Play director Simon Thompson said: “It is a classic comedy set in 1880s Salford where the fun comes from Maggie outwitting and outmanoeuvring the girls’ overbearing father. “

The play also charts the journey of lowly shoemaker Willie who grows in confidence as he plays a vital role as Maggie’s rival boot company overshadows her father’s.

Maggie is played by Hannah Smith, who is also the Little Theatre’s newly appointed commercial manager, while Pete Dewar is Willie. Peter Howell plays Henry Hobson, with Annabelle Tyrrell and Rebecca Andrews as younger daughters Alice and Vicky.

Other roles in the Sheringham Little Theatre Players production are: Ray Tempesta as Albert (Alice’s fiancé) and Caius Law as Freddie (Vicky’s fiancé), Attia Law as Aida Figgins, Steve Tuck as Jim Heeler, Paul Watson as Dr Macfarlane, Thelma Torr as Mrs Hepworth and Tony Waeland as Tubby.

Sheringham Little Theatre Hobson's Choice 1992 Simon and Debbie Thompson

Simon and Debbie Thompson in Hobson’s Choice during the 1992 summer season.

The play has special memories for Simon Thompson, and his wife theatre director Debbie, as they both took double roles when it was part of the 1992 Little Theatre summer repertory season. Simon  played Albert and Jim, while Debbie was Alice and Mrs Hepworth. He said: “It was special because it was the season we met, and was great fun to play.”

The show runs from Thursday March 23 to Saturday March 25 at 7.30pm. For tickets click HERE or call the box office on 01263 822347.

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