April 5, 2024

Students get involved in Little Theatre marketing ideas

Bright young minds from our local university are helping with ideas to help promote the Little Theatre.

Post-graduate students from the University of East Anglia’s iTeams programme have visited our venue to see what makes it tick, and use their skills to come up with marketing plans to boost sales and income.

During a 10-week scheme they applied their knowledge to the real-life scenario of helping the Little Theatre. They were coached in consulting, market research and entrepreneurship which culminated in a presentation and question session at the UEA.

Presenters Helen Williams and Madhuri Kamtam outlined their views on the SLT’s strengths such as its loyal customer base, and central location as a community hub – but also its challenges, such as its plain exterior which meant many people didn’t realise it was a theatre.

Their ideas for improvement included an exterior facelift more use of the theatre’s new mouse logo – Monkswell, named after the manor house in the classic Mousetrap drama.

They also suggested tidying up the flat roofed area to the side of the building, and increased partnership working , such as with local restaurants for pre-show meals.

Trustee Richard Batson who attended the presentation with commercial manager Hannah Smith, said: “It was great to have some new and young sets of eyes looking at our theatre and coming up with a raft of ideas that could help us. We are very grateful for their time and input.

“We already have lots of ambitious plans for the theatre but the students’ report will go into the mix to see what we can afford and what we should prioritise.”

Theatre director Debbie added: “The iTeams link-up is an exciting new partnership with the UEA which generated some brilliant ideas, but we also look forward to a longer-term link with the university which will be of mutual benefit.”

The other members of the iTeams group were Boma Adewusi and Emma Wilson, mentored by professional theatre marketing expert Ian Clarke

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